Monday, December 8, 2008

instant gratification

As photogs and artists continue to "mourn" the loss of polaroid film, I thought I'd share some places that are keeping the faith.
First, there is A user generated site based in Europe that posts all kinds of polaroid albums and goodies. There are projects and open galleries to participate in; lots of fun. They also used to sell film, but that is now being handled by POLAPREMIUM.

Polapremium is a polaorid "affiliate." They scour the globe for all types of polaroid film and cameras. Each item is for sale (with no substantial markup) and there is a countdown of availability.

Save Polaroid is an online petition, tin cup soapbox site that has the latest and greatest news/rumors about the fate of polaroid film and patents. Go, sign up and maybe someone will pick up where polaroid left off.

Like Fujifilm, who is releasing the INSTAXsystem here in the USA finally. Buy 'em at ebay, lomo, or soon at B&H photo.

Last, but not least, POLAROID and their Zink licensed POGO camera. A digital instant printer that has wireless capabilities and will print a 2" x 3" image from computers, cell phones and digital cameras. No transfers or manipulations, but it beats the preview on the back of a digital camera anyway.

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Anniebee said...

thanks for the save.polaroid mention! (I'm one of the admins) one quick note about the POGO, I was surprised to discover recently that you can manipulate the prints if you use heat.